Don’t Just Learn. Immerse Yourself.

Universities understand the importance of experiential learning to help students bridge the skills gap, but implementing effective experiential learning programs isn’t always easy.

Immersity is everything you love about higher education, outside the classroom.

We partner with the world’s leading universities to equip them with a suite of proven experiential learning programs.


Experiential learning isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we have a varying suite of programs that best meet the needs of students and out university and company partners.


Experience firsthand the economic ecosystems, business practices, and market dynamics of a particular country while meeting with company representatives and government officials.


Explore different career pathways and broaden industry knowledge by engaging with companies through office tours, informal networking opportunities, and employer panel discussion.

Students working on project


Apply theoretical course content to solve real-world problems during capstone consulting engagements with companies, ranging from startups to global organizations.


Gone are the days of an early 2000s Harvard case study on CEMEX. Rather, integrate real-time enterprise and industry challenges into your course curriculum with some of the most relevant and innovative companies around the globe.

Why us?

We provide value to our university partners in several ways. Below is just a handful of reasons why universities trust Immersity.

Global Partner Network

Highly engaged companies play an integral part in effective experiential learning programs. Immersity has industry partners in 100+ countries, ranging from startups, to fortune 500s, to nonprofit organizations.​

Data Driven Programs

Through data and student insights, we have developed a recommendation engine to best match universities with an experiential learning program that is aligned with their students, course type, and learning objectives.

Proven Impact

Immersity has partnered with many of the world’s leading universities to deliver impactful experiential learning programs. Through these partnerships, we have developed a methodology to ensure high quality programs that result in skill development and increased knowledge retention.

Turnkey Services

We get it, managing experiential programs is complex. Immersity supports you every step of the way, including marketing, registration, payment processing, student support, risk assessment, travel management, student analytics, and more! We provide a turnkey solution with partner oversight to ensure every program is on-brand and unique to each university.

Leading Universities Trust Immersity