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In today’s workforce, only 36% of business leaders believe that higher education adequately prepares students with the skills sought by employers. However, there’s hope. Fortunately,  81% of business leaders believe that higher education has the potential to resolve the skills mismatch through impactful experiential learning programs.

Unfortunately, as universities look inward to their core competencies, they often realize they lack adequate resources to launch and sustain effective experiential programs. These complex programs commonly require a large administrative staff, connected industry liaisons, and a deep understanding of global trends.

Immersity partners with universities to provide a suite of high quality experiential learning programs. Our tech-enabled platform and data driven approach helps us create meaningful immersions that have been refined to meet growing industry trends and student needs. 

The Immersity team lives and breathes learning immersions. Our founders experienced first hand the effectiveness of experiential learning while getting their MBAs at Michigan Ross and their mission is to make these programs accessible to all students across the higher education landscape. We truly believe that immersive curriculum is the key to learning development and bridging the skills gap for the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values

We Believe in Access

We believe that impactful experiential learning should be accessible to all students, regardless of which University they attend or their finances. That’s why offer student scholarships and work with our university partners to offer affordable programs across all tiers of universities.

We Take a Student First Approach

The student experience is our highest priority. As former MBA students ourselves, we apply a student-first lens to every decision we make with our employer and university partners.

We Value Our Partnerships

We truly view our relationship with universities as a partnership. Rather than a transactional service, we get to know the unique differences of each of our university partners and support them with programming that is aligned with their learning objectives.

We Welcome Culture

From diverse student teams, to diverse perspectives, to diverse industry partners, to diverse global cities – we believe that these diverse cultural settings are a key element to driving student learning and skill development.

We Foster Community

Community is part of our DNA. We believe that shared learning experiences build a sense of community amongst or students, helping them build their professional network. Beyond these cohorts, we also strive to support small communities around the world through our global programming.